Specifying the right product with effective and creative solutions

Furniture is often an integral part of many interior projects. We therefore offer a full, comprehensive and dedicated furniture consultancy and procurement service through our sister company. 

Founded on over a decade of furniture specification, procurement and project delivery, CODA. Form & Furniture cohesively threads through our schemes and our clients, at every stage of a project’s cycle.

Unlike many other furniture consultancies, they do not align themselves with any specific manufacturers. Their independence builds into our workspaces, so we only suggest the best products and solutions for each and every project that we are involved in.

We continually monitor both market trends and product development, particularly within the current ethos of the agile workplace, best performance, green credentials, competitive pricing and favourable lead times.

We go further; whether it’s within a current location or a relocation to new premises, we can also assist or take full responsibility for your complete move management operation. Respectful of the earth’s resources as well as our drive to offer the best value to our clients, through initial briefing and future strategy, we will conduct a thorough survey to identify what furniture already exists and how elements can be, effectively and successfully, repurposed. What is no longer needed, we look to give a second life, either through donations to charity partners, recycling or reselling in the second-hand marketplace.

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