Re-think Inside

Considered change to the workplace

We built Think Inside by delivering projects within occupied offices, for clients that require sensitive and well considered change to existing spaces. Whilst maintaining non-disruptive business continuity.

Since 2013 this has been the bedrock of our company’s continued growth and success. We specialise in it. 

In these changing times and as we approach a post-Covid world, navigating change to how we work has become a priority for businesses and property owners. Reintegrating people back to their workplace will see a period of transition to buildings and spaces all around us.

By introducing Re-think Inside, we are now applying our years of knowledge and experience through a specific, focus-led team to support you in realising and implementing change.

Every business is rethinking their office right now. Businesses are asking questions on how they can re-think their approach to workspace. Reviewing, reducing, reconsidering, possibly even expanding. We’re in a period of transition where we will need to react and adapt to how people wish to use buildings and spaces.

Only time will reveal how we redefine this. Focus will be led on health and wellbeing as well as a trend towards integrating and offering a permanent, remote or flexible culture. Companies and their workspace will also need to target staff and talent retention, offer collaboration benefits, employee engagement and positive organisational structure. To offer a sense of purpose to those who will be using and working within them.

Re-think Inside can support you now and help to prepare you for the future. Whether it is workplace re-planning, space optimisation or rationalisation, technology insights and engineering improvements or furniture solutions.

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