Re-thinking at Nomad Foods

We love developing brand-led workspaces and it’s particularly rewarding when it’s for an international business such as Nomad Foods, which boasts a portfolio of iconic household brands such as Birds Eye, Aunt Bessie’s, and Goodfella’s Pizza in the UK.

Nomad Foods’ office in Bedfont Lakes (Feltham) is home to over 450 employees and they wanted to bring their love of food and their brands to life in their workspace.

The brief saw us apply their strong brand guidelines to their office design, as well as central zones for collaboration, coffee-and-connect areas, an updated canteen space, meeting rooms and open plan working across thirty-six thousand square feet of occupied office space.

The site activity was restricted to out-of-hours, so Nomad Foods’ team members could continue working without interruption. Even with this restriction we implemented the new concept within just 4 months.

Client collaboration here was key to a smooth transformation, and we’re proud to have worked successfully with the in-house team to manage the process effectively, overcoming challenges and obstacles together.

A modern design scheme was developed to reinforce branding, purpose, foodiness, and vision in line with their guidelines.  Every one of the three office floors was transformed to make spaces more collaborative and comfortable, enabling team members to connect face-to-face or in a hybrid environment.

Bespoke banquette seating, brand-led vinyls, collaboration zones, biophilia, break-out areas and coffee areas for greater interaction were incorporated. Sustainability was key, so every effort was made to re-use and re-cycle furniture and floor finishes. Where elements couldn’t be reused, they were donated to local schools and community centres.

The result is a cohesive and contemporary office environment that the Nomad Foods team can be proud of, reflecting the incredible brands in its portfolio.

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